You missed the Bitcoin, don’t miss the Zynecoin and its innovative trade protocol

Today, Zynecoin is a numerical currency generated from the Ethereum blockchain. Though it offers a light and extensive ecosystem, we have decided to go even further by developing our own blockchain. Starting from 2020, Zynecoin will be supported by its own blockchain, “Wethio”, (Trad: “exchanges” in wolof).

Zynecoin is a decentralized system created to sustain and reward the innovators and talendted entrepreneurs in Africa. To guarantee a maximum security, the smart contracts of Zynecoin will be based on a collaborative and distributive mining system.

On the other hand, by developing its own ecosystem, Zynecoin will be enabled on all developed applications, it will allow its owners to benefit from an integrated and solidary economy while enjoying Zynecoin’s advantages. Thus, Zynecoin will be able to facilitate Africa’s innovation and development by gathering capitals and human resources.

Zynecoin, a human story before all

Zynceoin was launched in 2017. The idea? To associate the blockchain revolution with the formidable African potential.
Having gathered a first circle of investors via an engaged communication, the values and opportunities that Zynecoin foretold were strengthened.
Results beyond the most optimistic scenarios followed, with more than 4000 investors identified at the end of the ICO campaign, thus gathering a more and more engaged and big community.
Zynecoin continues its development with its primary objective to spread values of emancipation, and as secondary objective the accessibility, the security and efficiency.

Zynecoin doesn’t stop progressing and gathering since its start

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